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Frustrated with fatigue, injury or illness preventing you from reaching your goals?


Preparing for an event that you've poured time and money into?

Looking to gain an edge over your competitors?

Then its probably time for you to invest in your recovery...


Dr. Peter Fowler is a Sports Scientist specialising in Performance Recovery. He has 10 years of high-performance sport experience - combining applied laboratory and field-based research, with sport science support to elite athletes in the UK, Australia and Qatar.

His research focuses on developing practical interventions which minimise sleep disruption and enhance recovery in elite athletes.

Worked with:

Personalised, evidence-based and accessible sports science support.



We assess your sleep through a combination of a 1:1 consultation, state-of-the-art sleep watch with in-built fatigue predicition software, and online forms completed through our user-friendly mobile app.

Our data is stored securely online and can be remotely accessed. This allows timely, personalised feedback and education to be provided - ensuring that you are continually improving your sleep habits.


Simply enter your details online and we will provide you with a personalised travel plan.


The plan is designed to optimise your performance upon arrival and is monitored via our sleep watch and online forms.


Our data is stored securely online and remotely accessed, allowing timely, personalised feedback and education to be provided - in order to continually improve and tailor the travel strategies being used.


We monitor your daily training via online forms completed through our user-friendly mobile app.


Personalised feedback is provided daily, weekly and monthly online, to help you optimise your training and minimise injury and illness risk.


Our platinum package combines all three services in one.

It delivers the best in personalised Sports Science support to maximise your training outcomes.

This package is perfect for those who are training for a specific event, or looking for the full elite athlete experience.


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